Bricklink Update #2: Newly added parts – sets #4628 & 79110

This week I parted out two sets in my store and added over 6,000 parts.



The first set I parted out was the Lone Ranger Silver Mine Shootout. This set had a bunch of really unique parts and I highly recommend you grab a copy to part out. You get 5 minifigures and a bunch of really cool minifig elements. I parted out 5 sets which game me 3,220 parts.


The next set I parted out was the LEGO Fun With Bricks box. This set was a special Walmart carried on Black Friday. I parted out 5 sets and that gave me 3,000 more parts for my store.




BrickLink & Brick Owl Update – Total Parts = 28,067 in 1738 lots.

Goal is 50,000 parts by March 2014.

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