LEGO City Mining Quad 30152 Review

LEGO Mining 30152

Today I am reviewing my latest build. I picked up a small poly bag set today as it was in the mining/construction theme. The set is actually a LEGO City Mining set. Set 30152 the Mining Quad. In other words, it is a 4-wheeler (ATV) used by a miner. Here is my review.

LEGO City Mining Quad Specs:


Set Number: 30152
Set Theme: City (Mining)
Year Released: 2012
Pieces: 40
Minifigs: 1
Retail Price When Released: $4.99
Ages: 5-12

Where to Buy This Set


***Available on***

This set was a very easy and quick build. It literally took me under 5 minutes total.

This has two moveable parts.

  • Tires
  • Handle Bars

There are several accessories included:

  • Warning Cones (2)
  • Dynamite
  • Jackhammer

LEGO Mining 30152 Video Review:


This minifigure is a cool little guy that looks like the typical miner. He has suspenders on over his dark blue shirt. A tool belt is also on this miner accompanying his khaki work pants. He does not have any side printing but does have back printing. He also comes with a miner’s hard hat with light.



LEGO Minifigure 30152 LEGO Mining Minifigure 30152

LEGO Mining 30152

LEGO Mining 30152 Images

LEGO Mining 30152 pics

LEGO Mining 30152 pictures

LEGO Mining 30152 image

LEGO Mining 30152

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