LEGO City Mining Dozer 30151 Review

lego mining dozerLEGO set 30151 is a small poly bag created for the LEGO City Mining theme. This quick build is perfect for those that like construction/mining themes or minifigs that are in the construction field. I purchased this set to add to an existing project where I need construction minifigs and some heavy duty equipment.

Mining 30151 Specs:

Set Number: 30151
Set Theme: City (Mining)
Year Released: 2012
Pieces: 40
Minifigs: 1
Retail Price When Released: $3.99
Ages: 5-12

Where to Buy this Set


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LEGO Mining Dozer is a very quick and easy build. The Dozer itself is pretty simple and it’s moveable parts include the bucket, the tires, and the cage roll bar. The set works perfect and all parts fit together well. The tires roll with no problems and the minifigure can easily fit inside the Dozer.

LEGO Mining Dozer Video

LEGO Dozer 30151 Images

lego mining dozer picture

lego mining dozer

lego miner minifig

lego mining minifig

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