LEGO 4200 – Mining 4×4 Review

LEGO 4200 Mining 4x4LEGO City Set 4200 is a great small set for anyone who likes trucks, 4×4’s, mining, or the City theme.  This set is called the “Mining 4×4” as it is a part of the City theme and the Mining sub-theme.  This particular set is a relatively quick build as it took me under 20 minutes to get everything put together. I bought this set because I personally like the truck and the minifig is pretty cool for a City theme set.

LEGO City Set 4200 Specifications

Set Number: 4200
Set Theme: City (Mining)
Year Released: 2012
Pieces: 102
Minifigs: 1
Retail Price When Released: $11.99
Ages: 5-12

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Lego 4200 was a very easy build. This 4×4 Lego set was fun to build as the truck ends up looking really nice. The truck actually has more curves to it than I thought it would have and the detail is pretty good for such a small set. The days of the simple square automobiles have passed us bye.

The LEGO City 4200 includes one minifig, the truck, and several accessories that the LEGO miner can use to mine for gold.

Accessories Include:

  • Warning Sign
  • Jackhammer
  • Mining Pick
  • Dynamite
  • Detonator
  • Rock
  • Gold

LEGO 4200 Video Review


LEGO 4x4 Mining Set 4200

Set Movement

There are several parts that provide interaction and movement.

Wheels: Of course the wheels and tires move. They move smoothly and fit nice and tight on the truck. No rubbing or wobbling.

Doors: Both doors open fully allowing you to look inside the cab or place your Minifig inside the cab.

Wooden Box: – The wooden box sits inside the bed of the truck. This box holds all of the Miner’s accessories and can be removed if you wish.


LEGO City 4200 Pictures

Wooden Box

LEGO 4x4 Images


On the secondary Market, this minifig would be referred to as Minifig 4200 or Mining Minifig.  This set only comes with one minifig and he is a Miner equipped with a hardhat (with light), a pick, and a  jackhammer. His other tools are in the back of the truck and include dynamite and detonator.

Detail is pretty good for a City minifig. The miner has glasses, facial hair, a plaid work shirt, and a tool belt that includes two tools.



There are three decals that are included in this build. One for the sign, one for the license plate, and one for the top of the truck.

LEGO City 4200 Images


lego 4200 image


lego 4200 set


lego 4200 mining 4x4 truck

lego mining 4x4

lego 4200 box

What Do You Think About This Mining Set?

Please comment below and let us know what you think about LEGO City 4200.

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