Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary CUUSOO Set


On has a Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary set proposed and I must say it is simply awesome. Seeing this set brings back a lot of childhood memories of Bill Murray and slimer. 

LEGO Marvel Superheroes Video Game Introduced

lego marvel superheros game cover

Today at the  SDCC, LEGO announced the full cast of characters that will be in the new LEGO Marvel Superheroes Video Game. The game will allow players to choose among 100 available characters including the Big Hulk minifigure.  Other notable characters include Dr. Doom, Iron Man, Iron Patriot, Green Goblin, The Punisher, Magneto, Electra, Beast, […]

LEGO Series 11 Minifigs

collectible minifig series 11

It has leaked that LEGO Series 11 Minifigs are available overseas (Poland?).. There are plenty of rumors floating around LEGO blogs and forums, so I took this time to review what we will see in the near future. 

New Sets Announced for The LEGO Movie

New LEGO Movie sets

LEGO has announced that they are releasing 17 sets centered on The LEGO Movie.  In the Press Release, LEGO announced that there is a large amount of merchandise that will be released centered on this upcoming movie. LEGO fans have to be thrilled about all of this new LEGO merchandise.

LEGO Movie Video Game Announced

the lego movie video game

Yesterday, LEGO announced upcoming video game based upon The LEGO Movie. To be released in 2014, the game will be available on Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 36, Xbox One, Wii U, Vita, 3DS, and PC.

What is the Secret to Lego’s Success?

Brick by Brick

Bloomberg Television conducted a very good interview with David Robertson. The interview centered on how LEGO and the success of the brand. David Robertson is the author of Brick by Brick. If you have not read Brick by Brick, you can get your copy from Available on Brick by Brick – David Robertson […]

LEGO HERO Factory Free Accessory Pack Offer

LEGO Hero Factor Deal

This just in my mailbox, a free exclusive accessory pack from Lego’s Hero Factory line.  To receive this free accessory kit, you simply must purchaseany LEGO Hero Factory set through the LEGO Shop at Home store.

LEGO Announces New Batman Set to be Released

Batman, Riddler, and Flash LEGO set

LEGO today announced at the 2013 SDCC that a new Batman set will be released in January. This set titled: “Batman: The Riddler Chase” consists of 304 pieces and is expected to retail for $29.99.

LEGO Back To The Future Box Art Released

lego back to the future pictures

LEGO has officially released the Box Art for the 21103 Back to the Future Set. Set 21103 officially has 401 pieces and two minifigs. As you probably already know this is a CUUSOO release and is expected to be released mid August 2013. Check out the images below and please let us know what you […]

Sydney Opera House 10234 Announced

lego sydney opera house 10234

LEGO has announced the release of their new Creator set the Sydney Opera House 10234. This high end creator set includes 2,989 pieces and an estimated $230 price tag. The Sydney Opera House has already been released in a much smaller scale and price point. Last year, LEGO introduced  Sydney Opera House 21012 via the […]