LEGO City 60018 Cement Mixer Review

Lego Cement Mixer 60018

  The LEGO Cement Mixer is a set from the City theme. This set includes two minifigures and follows the recent truck and construction theme LEGO City has used in late 2012 to early 2013. I purchased this set as I was looking for a bigger set that included construction minifigs. This set works perfect […]

LEGO City Mining Quad 30152 Review

LEGO Mining 30152 pics

Today I am reviewing my latest build. I picked up a small poly bag set today as it was in the mining/construction theme. The set is actually a LEGO City Mining set. Set 30152 the Mining Quad. In other words, it is a 4-wheeler (ATV) used by a miner. Here is my review.

LEGO City Mining Dozer 30151 Review

lego mining dozer

LEGO set 30151 is a small poly bag created for the LEGO City Mining theme. This quick build is perfect for those that like construction/mining themes or minifigs that are in the construction field. I purchased this set to add to an existing project where I need construction minifigs and some heavy duty equipment.

LEGO 4200 – Mining 4×4 Review

LEGO 4200 Mining 4x4

LEGO City Set 4200 is a great small set for anyone who likes trucks, 4×4’s, mining, or the City theme.  This set is called the “Mining 4×4” as it is a part of the City theme and the Mining sub-theme.  This particular set is a relatively quick build as it took me under 20 minutes […]

LEGO 5610 – Builder Review

LEGO 5610 Images

LEGO 5610 is a small construction themed set that was released under the LEGO City theme. Given the name the “Builder”, this small box set includes 23 pieces and one minifig. I purchased this set because I have a project I am working on centered on the construction theme. I really like this little set […]