BrickLink Store Update December 2013


I wanted to quickly document the growth of my store on Bricklink. While I do have a store on Brick Owl also, I mainly will be documenting everything here and referring to Bricklink generally speaking.

I started my Brick Link store in July of 2013. I have been slowly adding sets and parts to my inventory. I am now seeing increased traffic, but I have had just as many Brick Owl sales as I have BrickLink sales, not that I’m complaining.

As of 12/20/13, I hit my first milestone that I set for my Business. I made a goal to hit 20,000 parts in stock by the end of December. And after many late nights sorting parts, I did it  on my birthday December 19th.

While I have set my next benchmark, I know it will be a bit harder to reach as quickly as I did this last goal. I start my coursework again in January and will have to split my full-time job duties with my LEGO business and my continuing education.

I am setting a goal to have 50,000 parts in my store by the end of March 2014.

Follow along on this Blog to see me document the growth of Brick Stackers (BrickLink & Brick Owl).

Click on the links in the sidebar to visit each store if you wish to do so.

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